The Golden Gate Bridge


For some reason, perhaps due to some movie or book or music video from childhood, I have been mildly to strongly obsessed with the Golden Gate Bridge for a good chunk of my life.

It’s one of those obsessions that you aren’t fully aware of, either, until circumstances arise to bring it to light.

I realized it, as did Matt, when the city bus was approaching the exit that would bring us to GiGi, as I’ve taken to calling her. I’m sure all of the other passengers noticed it, too, as I literally could not stop bouncing in my seat. I’m never that “let’s just sit and wait for everybody to get off” kind of person (and have no qualms admitting that I find that behavior to be passive-aggressive and evidence of a lack of drive and ambition. Seriously.) but I found it hard not to knock everyone over with my eagerness (read: impatience.)

And then Gigi was upon us in all her glory.
golden-gate-bridge golden-gate-bridge-2

I know here in New York we have some majorly kick-ass bridges but checking the Golden Gate off my list was quite a treat. (Aaaaand I just accidentally made a joke)

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