Journeys 2017 – The Unposted Edition

Having left my Nikon at home this year, my main source of travel pic publishing thus far has been via good ole instagram, but it was high time for a proper blog post. 

So, the following is the “Journeys 2017 Europe and More – Oops, Forgot to Post These” collection:

Greenwich and Cutty Sark and savory pie:

Venetian gondola guy (Venice, Italy)

Ferrara and Fleet Foxes (Ferrara, Italy)


Certaldo Alto (the old town of Certaldo in Tuscany.) We stayed in the outskirts of the main town at a monastery turned hostel for a week and absolutely loved every boiling hot second of it:

Boccaccio’s burial place

Bologna, Italy (all we did was eat so here’s two pictures of imported beers from the Beer for Bunnies Shop.)

Actually, that’s a lie, at one point on the way to eating we accidentally touristed:

Le Due Torri (two towers) AKA Pisa Lite

Kotor (old town) Montenegro, probably one of the coolest and most stunning places we have ever been so you should totally go but also never tell anyone about it so it stays blissfully uncrowded:

No idea.

Our medieval hostel room

There are cats everywhere heeeere 👍🏻

Fully plan on posting more often from here on out. Also, while none of these have a filter because I’d rather go and hang out with our new friends at our hostel in Kotor (Old Town) I believe it is a sign of a good trip when one is enjoying one’s self too much to be a dedicated blogger. It’s a failure I gladly accept. 

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