What it is


 A portfolio for travel and street photography, amongst other things. Posts are pulled daily from the current portfolio I am building, aka: the W(ork)I(n)P(rogress)

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Changes are afoot… stay tuned!


Journeys – Summer 2016 – ‘Round the World

Have (NEW!) camera, will travel. Will be posting as much as possible throughout the trip, this year’s journey: San Francisco ✈ South Korea: Seoul (and around) 🚈 Busan ⛴ Japan: Fukuoka 🚅 Hiroshima 🚅 Osaka + Kyoto 🚅⛴ Cat Island ⛴🚅 Zao Fox Village🚅⛴ Bunny Island ⛴🚞 Sapporo 🚅 Tokyo ✈ Thailand: Bangkok ✈ Myanmar: Mandalay ⛴ Bagan ✈ Thailand: Bangkok 🚆 Chumphon ⛴ Koh Tao ⛴ Chumpon 🚆 Bangkok  ✈ Oslo  ✈ Home

 All images property of Kabrina McLaughlin ©NotManhattan Photography

Images shot with Nikon D3300 or iPhone 


37 thoughts on “What it is

  1. your site is awesome! I’m just getting started and having trouble getting a template that works for me. What did you use? Your photography is so elegant, artistic, textural, and deep. Love it.

    1. Thank you so much!!! I have experimented with a bunch of different themes, and am currently using Modularity Lite. I also experimented with a bunch of different layouts and have settled, for now, on the simpler the better. So, I just put up few pictures, add a few details when needed, and leave it at that. Best of luck with everything! Please send me your blog link when you are up and running!

  2. Hi,

    I am from Riga, since 2004 residing in Canada, GTA, Whitby. It would be interesting to know what places and why you found the most interesting. I was quite amazed to see “Riga” appearing in the heading of your post.
    It is also surprising that you didn’t pay attention to some other areas in Riga. What I’m missing a lot in North America is the feel of ancient times and roots. You feel the breath of previous centuries on every step in places like Riga. Riga was founded in 1201, and it definitely has to offer more than meets the eye, including its very long and rich history.
    It would be interesting you had shared more of your experiences over there. I mean, you had a fresh look, and your perception of those places was very distinctive.

    1. Hi! Thanks for your comments! I wasn’t in Riga long, these are from a walking tour. I have another post next Thursday of some other Riga shots. Riga was great, stunning, and I would definitely go back! America is just too “new” to have the same feel as places like Riga, that’s why I love Europe so much!

  3. Your blog looks really neat, Love the layout and feel to it. Really like your work too, feel like I can connect to it since i travel a lot, as well as having done a lot of photography.
    You should add a search or a category sidebar though, wanted to see your UK shots!

    1. You got it! Thanks, I’m still trying to figure out what I’m going to do differently but with the new theme up and some of the portfolio pages published I’ve at least somewhat started to piece this thing back together =)

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