Tbilisi + Batumi, Georgia

Take me to the photos!

A place that promises to be the new Prague in reference to the speed with which its tourism will skyrocket, Georgia should definitely be your next travel destination. The food is as delicious as it is varied, the language impossible but your butchering of it always forgiven, the people delightful and smart and warm and genuinely happy to see you (unless they’re not in which case, you’ll know; no passive aggressiveness here…) the landscape stunning and the (non-bottled) wine absolute pure perfection (a magic wine with no hangover potential? Yes, please.) Just some of the afore mentioned consumables to hunt down as soon as you arrive are:

  • Khinkali: Soup dumplings with a multitude of various meat and veggie options. (My favorite were the mushroom in their stewy goodness but if you downed a bit of cha-cha the night before, the potato khinkali are basically like pierogies in their texture and ability to cure hangovers.)
  • Shotispuri: Oddly shaped but absolutely delicious bread. Wake up early and get it fresh (and warmmmm) from the hidden local street shops (seriously hard to find sometimes so ask around!) This is the plain version but there are many variations.
  • Khachapuri: The cheese/egg/cheese&egg filled option of the above (also has a slew of other potential ingredients.) Warning: it will be the only thing you’ll need (or be able) to eat that day. There is a less daunting, smaller circular version of this, with just cheese, that is a definite go-to for the post-night-out, which will always be pure insanity no matter what, FYI.
  • The WINE: Even harder to find than the bread shop is the local wine shop. Most neighborhoods have one. A few small steps usually lead you down to a single small room filled with large tubs of wine. You pantomime through a tasting, taking various glasses filled with a few of the available varieties,  after sipping you then point to your selected choice and to what size bottle you want it in, pay for said selection and then you’re done. Don’t be afraid of the first sip of your recycled Coke bottle wine: it will be some of the best wine you have EVER had. (And did you know Georgian wine is the oldest wine? So there.)

I’ll leave you thinking of the food and dreaming of your future trip and in the meantime, here are some photos from my time in Tbilisi and Batumi, Georgia.

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