The case of the curious seagulls at lunchtime…

First, this sandwich from Nick’s Lighthouse, Fisherman’s Wharf…

nicks-lighthouse-fishermans-wharf-crab-sandwichIt’s been nearly six months since I ate this thing and I can still recall how wonderful it was.

Now, on to those gulls…

This was our first time at Fisherman’s Wharf but not our first rodeo (I grew up on the beach and even in NYC you get seagulls.. how they end up in Astoria, Queens is beyond me but I’ll leave that to them to figure out…) so we were ready for the ravenous aggressors as soon as we sat down on one of the many benches covered in their excrement (nature!) The calls of “MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE” started immediately but they were no match for our intimidation skills (read: yelling no and laughing our heads off.)

seagulls seagulls-2

Still, I don’t think we’ve ever eaten so quickly.

I mean, we just couldn’t shake this guy.lone-seagull

For reals, though.

lone-seagull-2Once that was settled, we were off to experience the old-timey arcade… (next post, which won’t be a million years from now, I swear.)

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